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In April 2017, what began as a final presentation for a course in a graduate program sprouted into this labor of love. Studies show that many victims of domestic violence delay leaving their situation out of concern for their pet(s). Many fear that their abuser will harm or kill the animal as revenge for their departure. However, not all victims have the means to get their pets to a safe place. Boarding can become costly very quickly. They may not have the transportation available to move a pet, especially if it is a large animal. Most domestic violence shelters do not have accommodations for pets or provide services to help find pet housing. This acts as a barrier for many to obtain the help they need.

This website was created as a starting point for a network of domestic violence shelters, animal shelters, veterinarians, and animal foster organizations. By providing their information, domestic violence shelters can be put in touch with animal care facilities in their locality that are willing to assist them in providing pet housing or implementing pet housing programs. Having this information and these connections in advance will make it much easier to facilitate placement when the need arises. The more organizations that sign up, the larger the network will grow and the more beneficial it will become. It is our hope that by making these connections we can help more people escape potentially life-threatening circumstances.

Thank you for visiting the site! We hope that it inspires you to lend a helping hand.

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