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How you can help:

  • Partner with a domestic violence shelter to provide a reliable location to house pets of their residents.

They understand that you’re sometimes at capacity. They are, too! But by being a first point of contact, you can give a shelter the ease of mind knowing they have a resource at hand to help someone out of a dangerous situation.

  • Help your local domestic violence shelter implement on-site pet housing

Who knows the world of animal care facility design and function better than you? You can guide your local shelter through the process of implementing on-site pet housing by providing helpful tips and suggestions based on your experience and knowledge.

  • Volunteer to provide care for pets at on-site housing facilities

Domestic violence shelters with on-site housing for pets may need assistance in providing general care for the animals and upkeep of the facility.

Sign up below to be added to our list of animal shelters and foster organizations willing to offer assistance. If a domestic violence shelter in your area requests help, your contact information will be provided to them.

If you encounter a problem with the form, you can also email us at

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What types of animals are you able to care for and/or house?
Within what distance must the domestic violence shelter be in order for you to provide assistance?

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